Sildurs Vibrant Shaders for Minecraft 1.16.5

The video starts where the mod appears (so you don’t see it all hehe)

Best Shaders for Minecraft 1.16.5

Shaders Sildurs Vibrant – Shaders 1.16.5 for Minecraft 1.16.5 They are the new version of everyone’s favorite shaders, they add many visual aspects that have never been seen before, in addition this is one of the most optimized shaders so far, it does not reduce the fps as much as other shaders!

Sildurs Shaders Minecraft 1.16.5
Sildurs Shaders Minecraft 1.16.5

Here’s a simple comparison of sildurs shaders with other types that exist, the truth is that it is immediately noticeable that the vibrant are the most beautiful, they add a lot of color and tone to our Minecraft, so it is a good choice, remember that if you have a pc potato it is better to only use the Optifine and not the shaders

How to install Sildurs Vibrant – Shaders 1.16.5 MOD for Minecraft 1.16.5?

  • Download Sildurs Vibrant – Shaders MOD 1.16.5 for Minecraft
  • Download Optifine Here
  • Have FORGE installed (TUTORIAL HERE)
  • Open the windows search engine and enter %appdata%
  • Go to the .minecraft folder
  • Inside look for the mods folder
  • Put the file you can download right here below
⚡️ Available Versions📥 Official Download Links (CurseForge)
Minecraft 1.16.5Download Sildurs Vibrant Shaders 1.16.5
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Download Sildurs Shaders for Minecraft

Remember that to use shaders you always need the Optifine, you can go to the list of Optifine versions here (click here). And if you want another type of shaders, we have a complete list of shaders here (click here).

  • You will need a good pc to be able to play with these shaders, they usually ask for enough ram and graphics, so with a cheap laptop you will not be able to play very well.

Click on the following button to download the Mod and its add-ons:

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