Themed Mods for Minecraft

Here you will find all the mod themes you need for your Minecraft, from version 1.7.10 to 1.18.1. We are always updating the different topics, for now we have 11 different categories for these topics.

Thanks to this mega compilation, you can go directly to the mods that interest you the most,we have mods any topic that you can think of, here we leave you a summary of what we have:

Food and Food Mods, Battle and Defense mods, Enemies and Mobs mods, Animation and Movement mods, Animal mods, Weapons and Combat mods, Biomes and World Generation mods, Decoration mods, Bosses mods, Magic and Enchantment mods and even Transport and Teleportation mods.

How to Download Theme Mods for Minecraft

Each of these classifications that you have above, can have all kinds of different mods, whether fabric or Forge,and you will always need to download each mod to be able to play it.

Do not worry because each of the mods included in the list has a small tutorial,but in case you are not sure how to install or download themed mods for Minecraft, here we repeat it.

Follow this simple list of steps and you can have your mods downloaded and installed quickly:

  1. Click on the Theme that you like the most (Animals, Weapons, Battle, etc …).
  2. Look for the mod you prefer, inside you will have hundreds of mods to choose from.
  3. Once you have entered this mod, go down to the end of the post (there is the link normally)
  4. To download it you simply have to click on the button “Download Mod for Minecraft 1.X.X”.
  5. Once downloaded you will need to have Java installed, otherwise you will not be able to play it, but if you have Minecraft installed, surely you already have java, but download it.
  6. Now you will have to look if the mod you have downloaded is for Fabric or for Forge.
  7. They are two different types of launchers for mods, that is, what allows us to play with mods for Minecraft.
  8. If it is for Fabric, here we leave you the list of versions and a tutorial on how to install it.
  9. If it’s for Forge, more of the same, here’s another link to install it.
  10. Once this is done, you will have to put the downloaded Mod in the Minecraft folder.
  11. We put %appdata% in the Windows search engine, we give you Enter.
  12. We looked for the .minecraft folder (here is everything related to the game).
  13. Once inside, we look for the “mods” folder, and put the mod in there.
  14. This would be it, now you just have to open Minecraft, select the version that has Forge or Fabric and that’s it!
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