Mods for Minecraft

What are Minecraft mods?

They are bundles of files or downloadables that modify (hence the word “mod”) Minecraft. They add new features, upgrades, blocks, enchantments, vehicles and much more. There are all kinds, they are the extras you had always wanted in your game.

Created by the Minecraft developer community, more than 100 million users play with Mods every year. It is one of the main advantages of Minecraft over its competitors. Having a community that openly creates any madness is a unique point of this game.

On our website you can install and download the entire range of mods that exist in the Minecraftian universe. We always have the mods updated and ready for you to download and play quickly.

Best Minecraft mods

List with the best selection of mods for the latest updates:

Mods for all versions of Minecraft:

Shaders for Minecraft

Texture Pack for Minecraft

All texture packs for all versions of Minecraft

Mods for Minecraft Java

They are the mods that can be played on desktop or desktop, that is, on a desktop computer. The Java version is the one that adapts to these more powerful devices, all the mods we have on the web are compatible with Java.

Mods for Minecraft Bedrock

This is an alternative version that can be played on windows computers, has fewer capabilities, you can not install so many mods and is applied to less powerful computers.

Mods for Minecraft Android

They are the mods to play on mobile, android is the operating system of the different phones that exist today. These are the ones that work the worst, since they do not have resources to be able to play.

Download mods for Minecraft

You have to choose the mod you prefer, then enter the article, go down to the download section and click on the button that will say “download mod X”. With this you can take the file and put it in the folder of your minecraft called .minecraft, inside the mods folder.