Enchanted Wolves Mod for MINECRAFT 1.16.5

Enchanted Wolves for Minecraft 1.16.5

Enchanted Wolves mod 1.16.5 for Minecraft is a mod that adds new necklaces for our beloved wolves. Here you can download and install it, This mod adds some new collars for wolves, but not just any collars, but ENCHANTED COLLARS! It is also for Minecraft version 1.16.5


What does Enchanted Wolves add?

This mod is very useful to give new powers to our wolves, it adds enchantments from speed to resurrection Amazing isn’t it? We will take a step to the enchantments… But before this we are going to give a little extra information about the functions of necklaces. Wolves with collars are immune to any harm from their owner.

The best thing is that even remote damage of tridents or arches will not hurt them, this does NOT include being pushed into lava, thrown off cliffs or other dangers. The collars are visibly seen near the head of the wolves. That said this extra information, let’s see what are the enchantments that this fabulous mod adds.

List of enchantments added by Enchanted Wolves:

  • Trauma: Increase 0.5 attack damage per level, maximum 5 levels.
  • Swiftness: Increases the speed of movement by 10% per level, maximum 3 levels.
  • Hellhound: Makes attacks set fire to targets for seconds. It also reduces the fire damage received by 20%*level, maximum 2 levels.
  • Leech Fangs: The wolf will heal 25% for each level of the damage it inflicts on mobs through basic attacks, maximum 3 levels.
  • Frostbite: Afflict mobs hit by attacks slowly for 3 seconds. The level of slowness is equal to the level of enchantment, maximum 3 levels.
  • Resurrection: Enchantment of treasure, acquired exclusively through chests and fishing generated by the world. When a wolf with Resurrection takes fatal damage, it is completely healed and teleported to the owner, and the Resurrection enchantment level drops by 1, until it reaches 0 and disappears, maximum 3 levels.
  • Thundermaw: Enchantment of the treasure, acquired exclusively through chests and fishing generated by the world. Whenever the wolf damages a mob, there is a 15% for each level of probability of summoning a Lightning. This Lightning Bolt won’t harm you, but it can harm other mobs.
  • Tag Team: When you attack the mob that the wolf attacked most recently, or the wolf attacks the mob you recently attacked, both gain Force I for 5 seconds.
  • Weakening Maw: Wolf attacks inflict Weakness I for 3 seconds.
  • You can also put Minecraft Vanilla charms on it.

Here are some images of the Enchanted Wolves Mod for Minecraft 1.16.5:

Dog Attacking
Dog Attacking
Crafting Leather Necklace
Crafting Leather Necklace

Remember that to be able to play with the best Minecraft shaders you always need to have installed Forge and Optifine at the same time to be able to run them, and certainly if you want try other types of shaders you can go through our super list with the most epic shaders that exist here ! Enjoy this mod to the fullest with optifine !

WATCH A VIDEO OF THE Enchanted Wolves MOD for Minecraft 1.16.5 MADE BY KIKONUTINO

The video starts where the mod appears (so you don’t see it all hehe)

How to install and download Enchanted Wolves MOD for Minecraft 1.16.5 ?

  1. Download Enchanted Wolves, the corresponding version below for Minecraft
  2. Have FORGE installed (TUTORIAL HERE)
  3. Open the windows search engine and enter %appdata%
  4. Go to the .minecraft folder
  5. Inside look for the mods folder
  6. Put the file you can download right here below

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