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When Dungeons Arise Mod for Minecraft 1.17.1

Download When Dungeons Arise Mod for Minecraft 1.17.1!

One of our favorite minecraft structures is mine shafts. But without any this mod adds many structures. In total there will be more than 100. Add many dungeons, temples, villages and randomly generate them to guarantee you incredible adventures and challenges. A really spectacular mod and very well made from small houses to huge incredible medieval palaces with an amazing adventure.

The largest structures it adds are temples and palaces with different rooms and passages, fortresses with endless corridors and cities with a completely random generation so you will never find an equal, along with absolutely extraordinary loot and that also mix with any other mod. Other smaller and simpler structures such as windmills or houses and the occasional dungeon of many types. Also by the seas are generated incredible shipwrecks of many types that are small dungeons with spawners and a good loot.

In addition, this fantastic mod has reserved a few mysteries in the skies of minecraft: mysterious planes and aircraft. Most of these contain iron, emeralds and redstone among many other things that will be very useful, although this type of loot is not only available in the skies, but also in the fantastic new mine shafts and other underground dungeons that will undoubtedly keep you very hooked during the exploration, offering you a unique adventure.

Here is a Review of the Mod by KIKONUTINO (Click and start at the minute where the mod comes out)

Install When Dungeons Arise For Minecraft 1.17.1

  1. Download the .jar file of the mod When Dungeons Arise , below you have the links
  2. You have to have Fabricinstalled, here is a tutorial if you do not have it (always for the same version as the mod)
  3. Open the Windows search bar and put %appdata%
  4. Go to the .minecraft folder
  5. Inside look for the mods folder (if it does not come out, create it)
  6. Put the mod’s .jar file in there
  7. Select the Minecraft installation that has Fabric installed and run Minecraft

Available VersionsOfficial Downloads
Minecraft 1.17.1Download When Dungeons Arise
Fabric 1.17.1Download Fabric 1.17.1
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