WI Zoom Mod for Minecraft 1.18

Aim and zoom!

A mod that allows you to zoom and capture everything without missing a detail for Minecraft 1.18. Wi Zoom is one of the best mods that exist to visualize objects in the distance to this day in Minecraft.

WI Zoom for Minecraft 1.18.

This super useful mod called Wi Zoom has a multipliced zoom by 10 and much better than Optifine’s. With it, we can see objects that are super far away, most of those objects in the game that would be impossible to see with the naked eye and although with the Optifine there we could see a little closer, it can not be compared with zooming up to 10 times.

Wi Zoom mod to modify Minecraft 1.18.

How to ZOOM MORE in Minecraft 1.18?

The broad and meticulous vision that you can achieve with this mod is even better than with the Optifine, without a doubt. It’s amazing that a zoom of this caliber hasn’t been seen at any time before in Minecraft.

This is mod an ideal that will allow you to locate things that are far away. While with the spyglass a little more zoom is added than the Optifine do not forget that this is ten times better so I would recommend this mod if you want to see things super far or if you want to aim with the bow or any other weapon in the game!

How to install WI Zoom mod for Minecraft 1.18 ?

  1. Download WI Zoom 1.18 for Minecraft from below
  2. Put the mod inside the mods folder
  3. Have Fabric 1.18 installed
  4. Open the windows search engine and enter %appdata%
  5. Go to the .minecraft folder
  6. Inside you will find the mods folder
  7. Download the Fabric 1.18 API and put it there too
  8. Done, open Minecraft and play!
⚡️ Available versions📥 Official Download Links (curseforge)
For Minecraft 1.18Download
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