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How Streamers Will Generate $9.746 Billion by 2022

A few years ago, there were almost none of these Streamers generating unhealthy amounts of money, but now everything has changed. The gaming and live streaming industry has become a business valued at more than 40,000 million dollars in 2021, according to a study by Xataca (a famous video game portal).

One of the main issues is how they broadcast all the contents, this is thanks to a good pc for streaming, it is usually the most expensive that one of these Youtubers or Twitch Streamers has, they are worth more than 5000 dollars, and normally they usually have several. One is dedicated to the game they are broadcasting, and another is only used to record and share the screen on the platforms. This is how they ensure that their followers do not get angry if the stream goes down and never fails.

Rubius, famous streamer
Rubius, famous streamer

The evolution of Gaming in the last 3 years

Everything is evolving, the best thing is that computers are becoming more and more powerful, and if you want to live on youtube, twitch, facebook gaming, or any other platform. You will need one of these pcs gamer that so many incredible lights have, it is the most basic to be able to start recording your videos, or imitate your most famous streamers.

Each year has seen an exponential growth in Youtube and Twitch users, the former being the one that has grown the most in all aspects. In 2020 they had 1700 million users, and now in 2021 they have grown 40% more, there are more than 2350 million total users who have used the platform,we imagine that this trend will not stop until the total population has a Youtube account.

$2500 streaming PC
$2500 streaming PC

On the other hand, Twitch has some advantages over this Google platform, being the site where Stremea is most. If you search on google, platform to stremear, or the best streaming platform. You will always get Twitch first, they are the kings of this world, they have all the best live content creators signed, there is not a single Youtuber or famous person who prefers Youtube, before Twitch to stremear.

As for numbers, Twitch is much smaller, It has had 100 million users in 2021, but it is still an incredible amount, try to get 100 million people to visit your page in a year, it is how to tell all the people of Spain, Portugal and France, one by one to visit your streaming, your website, or your youtube channel!

The Best Youtube setups in 2022

What the public likes to see the most is what the Youtubers setuplooks like. They have a whole room full of lights, dolls, sleeves and a lot of decoration that catches the attention of anyone who stops for a minute to see it. What everyone wants to see is how many screens they have, how much their gaming computer costs, how they have the microphone on, and different gifts from their own followers.

The reason why they have two computers is that all content recording programs are usually quite expensive for our computer, they consume a lot of processor and ram. For example, a mid-range laptop could not broadcast at the same time as playing. So if you have one computer just to play and another to broadcast, you avoid any problems.

Howto start Stremear in 2022

Ibai famous youtuber and streamer
Ibai famous youtuber and streamer

Now it is easier than ever to get to stremear, first you will have to save money for a good processor,a powerful graphics, a decent motherboard, a monitor, a good microphone and all the extra things you need to have the setup of your dreams. Once this is done, you will need to create an account on the leading platforms that we have discussed in this article.

Then you will have to learn how to record content, this is done with video capturers or with computer programs that allow you to record your desktop if you are on PC. And the best thing is that if you want to stremear, you will not need to know about video editing, since everything is live and does not cost as much how to create edited audiovisual content as the one seen on youtube.

All these figures are not crazy, it has been estimated that Streamers, Youtubers and Content Creators will generate almost 10,000 million dollars by the end of 2022, it seems unreal, but the paradigm has changed and now you can work from home without any problem.

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