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Best Minecraft Mods to Play with Friends

As a passionate Minecraft player since its inception, I’ve observed how mods can completely transform the gaming experience, especially when it comes to playing with friends.

Mods not only add new features and content, but also allow you to customize the game on a very intimate level, strengthening the connection between players. Below, we’ll explore the best mods to enjoy Minecraft in company, ensuring shared fun and adventures. These mods have been personally chosen by me, I hope you like them.

Best Mods to Play with Friends in Minecraft

Mods can take your Minecraft gaming experience to a new level of excitement and collaboration. Here are some of the best mods to improve your multiplayer sessions, we leave you the download links in the name of the mod:

Essential Mods for Cooperation

  • Waystones: This mod is a must-have for any multiplayer adventure. It allows you to create teleportation stones at various points in the world, making it easy to regroup and explore together without wasting time.
  • Security Craft : Add security options such as cameras, retinas, and more to protect your builds and resources from potential server intruders.
  • Emojiful : This mod makes communication more dynamic and expressive, allowing you to use emojis in the game’s chat, which adds a fun and personal touch to conversations.

Mods for Multiplayer Adventures

  • Galacticraft: It offers a true space adventure, allowing players to build rockets, explore the solar system, and establish bases on new planets. Ideal for playing with friends and exploring space together.
  • Alex’s Mobs : Introduces more than 40 new creatures based on real and mythological animals, adding new challenges and depth to the world of Minecraft.

How to Install Mods to Play with Friends

Installing mods may seem intimidating, but it’s simpler than it sounds, especially if you follow these steps:

Basic Mod Installation

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge or Fabric: These are mod managers that will allow you to install and run the mods seamlessly.
  2. Download mods from trusted sources: Sites like ours or CurseForge are great for finding safe and up-to-date mods.
  3. Place the mod files in the ‘mods’ folder: Located in your Minecraft directory. Make sure that all players on the server have the same version of the mods installed.

Install Mods in Minecraft Pirate to be able to play with Companions

While not ideal or safest, installing mods on pirated versions follows a similar process. However, you should make sure that all players have access to the same mods and consider the security risks involved.

Mods for Playing with Friends in Minecraft 1.12.2 and 1.16.5

Specific versions of Minecraft have mods that are better optimized or exclusive to them. Here are some highlights for versions 1.12.2 and 1.16.5:

Mods for Playing with Friends in Minecraft 1.12.2

  • Twilight Forest: Add a mystical dimension filled with forests, creatures, and structures to explore together.
  • Tinker’s Construct: It allows you to create custom tools and weapons that you can use to improve your cooperation and efficiency in construction projects.

Mods for Playing with Friends in Minecraft 1.16.5

  • Better Nether : Takes advantage of the new features of the Nether to offer a richer and deeper experience in this dimension.
  • Create : This mod adds various machines and mechanisms that can be used to automate tasks and build complex factories together.

Special Multiplayer Mod Features

Some mods offer features that are especially useful for improving the multiplayer experience:

Mods for Interacting with Companions

  • Simple Voice Chat : Allows voice communication within the game, making the coordinations more direct and personal.
  • Jei Mod: This mod is very useful for managing resources as a team, allowing you to view and manage inventories between players.

Best Mods to Troll Your Friends

  • Troll Cubes : Add cubes that, when broken, release random and fun effects, perfect for playing pranks with friends.

Create a Server to Play with Mods

Creating a server with mods can be the best way to enjoy Minecraft with full control over mods and gameplay experience.

Mods for Multiplayer Servers

  • Sponge : This mod and plugin manager allows you to have a multiplayer server with high performance and customization.
  • EssentialsX : Adds basic commands necessary for the management of a multiplayer server, making administration easier and improving the experience.

Video tutorial on how to play with friends in minecraft

Mods are an essential part of the Minecraft experience, especially when it comes to playing with friends. With the right mods, you can transform an already great game into a personalized and exciting adventure that can strengthen friendships and create unforgettable memories. Choose your mods, install them correctly, and get ready to embark on the greatest adventures in the world of Minecraft with your buddies.

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