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Lootr Mod for Minecraft |【1.20.1 & 1.20】

1.20.1 & 1.20 1.20.1 & 1.20
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➤ Minecraft Fabric 1.20.1 & 1.20 Download Lootr Mod Fabric
➤ Minecraft Forge 1.20.1 & 1.20 Download Lootr Mod Forge
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Add rewards for each player

Lootr Mod for Minecraft 1.20.1 and 1.20 is the perfect addition that will change the way players interact with loot containers. This mod creates a unique experience by assigning each player an exclusive inventory when opening containers such as chests, trap chests, barrels, shulkers, and mine wagons. The distinctive appearance of these containers and their transition from gold to blue provide a visual cue of whether the container has already been explored.

Lootr Mod

Improve each player’s exploration

This unique approach eliminates the race to discover structures, giving each player the opportunity to fully enjoy looting without fear of finding pieces of trash from others. In addition, the visual transformation of the container serves as an effective tool for tracking previous exploration. Imagine exploring a vast Minecraft world without the anxiety of finding empty chests!

Lootr Mod

Download Lootr Mod Fabric Version 1.20.1 & 1.20 for Minecraft

Here you can download the Fabric version for the mod, remember to have Fabric API installed. Additionally, the highlight of this mod is its ability to encourage exploration of existing structures rather than spawn new fragments, which contributes significantly to the reduction in the size of the world.

Click on the button below to download the Lootr Fabric:

Fabric – Lootr Mod.jar | 1.20.1 and 1.20

Download Lootr Mod Version Forge 1.20.1 & 1.20 for Minecraft

Here you will be able to download the Forge version for the mod. Download the Lootr Mod now and immerse yourself in a more immersive and strategic Minecraft experience, where exploration becomes more rewarding than ever. Get ready to discover a world full of treasures and adventures!

Click on the button below to download Lootr Forge:

Forge – Lootr Mod.jar | 1.20.1 and 1.20

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