Ward Blocks for Minecraft 1.18

Use the multipurpose blocks!

Ward Blocks for the Minecraft 1.18 has five different types of blocks: One to defend, another to attack, another is so that there is a higher percentage of things appear rarer than they usually appear, another so that they do not hurt us and another that we have to grow crops.

Ward Blocks for Minecraft 1.18.

How to grow crops fast in Minecraft 1.18?

There is a block that will allow us to make things grow faster, with which we can put crops around and this block in the middle for them to grow or you can also use it to build any kind of cultivated thing you want, you can put flowers, algae, corals whatever! and as long as it is next door it will grow much faster.

Ward Blocks mod to modify Minecraft 1.18.

We also have another block that will automatically protect us from the damage of zombie enemies, any type of enemy or anything else and another block will give us more power when fighting. This multi-purpose block mod for Minecraft 1.18 is really quite useful!

How to install Ward Blocks mod for Minecraft 1.18 ?

  1. Download Ward Blocks 1.18 for Minecraft from below
  2. Put the mod inside the mods folder
  3. Have Fabric 1.18 installed
  4. Open the windows search engine and enter %appdata%
  5. Go to the .minecraft folder
  6. Inside you will find the mods folder
  7. Download the Fabric 1.18 API and put it there too
  8. Done, open Minecraft and play!
⚡️ Available versions📥 Official Download Links (curseforge)
For Minecraft 1.18Download
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