Super Item mod for Minecraft 1.18

Light all the torches with Super Item!

Super Item forMinecraft 1.18 is mind-blowing. This gem has several utilities and is very useful for new players and maybe not so much for the advanced ones. It is mod is very good if you want to explore a lot without spending hundreds of torches.

The Super Item for Minecraft 1.18.

How to light torches in Minecraft 1.18?

With Super Item you just have to right-click on the air to heal yourself and right-click on the ground to appear torches automatically. If you click shift + right button, it will also change the enchantments you can give it.

Super Item mod to modify Minecraft 1.18.

You can also activate night vision by pressing the right button and switch to another enchantment by pressing the right button again. Thanks to these enchantments, this stone becomes a pretty good mod for new players who want to explore Minecraft.

How to install Super Item mod for Minecraft 1.18 ?

  1. Download Super Item 1.18 for Minecraft from below
  2. Put the mod inside the mods folder
  3. Have Fabric 1.18 installed
  4. Open the windows search engine and enter %appdata%
  5. Go to the .minecraft folder
  6. Inside you will find the mods folder
  7. Download the Fabric 1.18 API and put it there too
  8. Done, open Minecraft and play!
⚡️ Available versions📥 Official Download Links (curseforge)
For Minecraft 1.18Download Super Item 1.18

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