Eight’s Primates Mod for Minecraft 1.18.1 and 1.18

Eight’s Primates Mod Review and Tutorial 1.18.1 and 1.18

Eight’s Primates Mod for Minecraft 1.18.1 and 1.18. I’m coming to Minecraft the best primate Mod! If you were looking for primate or ape Mods, Eight’s Primates is the best choice. This mod has almost real sounds, beautiful animations, and so on.

Mobs Lemurs

Mod that adds many types of monkeys for Minecraft 1.18.1

One of the custom Mobs that this mod has, are the villagers-monkeys, this type of monkey species is a combination of a normal Minecraft villager, combined with monkey body. This mob has the head of a villager, but with the body of a monkey, it is super funny to find one of these naturally generated (We leave you some images)

Monkey Villagers

How to Download and Install a Mod for Minecraft 1.18.1 and 1.18?

  1. Download the “.jar” file of Eight’s Primates from the official links (below you have them)
  2. Open the windows search engine and enter %appdata%
  3. Here you will find the “.minecraft” folder, enter it
  4. Then here look for the folder “mods”
  5. Once found, that’s where the mods go put the “.jar” there
  6. Open Minecraft with Forge 1.18
  7. And that’s it! Enjoy the Mods!
⚡️ Available Versions📥 Official Download Links (CurseForge)
Minecraft 1.18.1 and 1.18Download Eight’s Primates 1.18.1 and 1.18
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Download Eight’s Primates Mod version 1.18.1 and 1.18 for Minecraft

These primates have different shapes, sizes, colors (There is everything), there is a great diversity of primates, then we will tell you their names:Primates, monkeys, lemurs, macaques, primates half villagers-half monkeys (Custom Mob), small lemurs (Baby version of lemurs), monkeys with red faces. All these primates hang from trees to make it look more like real life.

  • Remember that this is a Mod for Forge 1.18. This Mod is in its infancy, so in the future they will add new features so you can enjoy even more primates!

Click on the following button to download the Mod:

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